September 29, 2022

Don’t Fear Them Bears!

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Environmental Protection Department spokesman Larry Ragonese tells The Star-Ledger of Newark a senior wildlife biologist chased the bear away on Wednesday. Ragonese says the bear was reluctant to leave and lethargic.<<<Read More>>>

And don’t forget the comments!

And then there’s this profound statement: Hiding from the hunt: Bear hunkers down in vacant Hopatcong house during hunt

It’s not written in the article, but I’m quite sure that Gov. Christie has a mobile bear psychology and response team. And after extensive therapy with the bear, officials stated the bear finally admitted he was hiding out from hunters. That’s the first step toward recovery. One day at a time. One day at a time. That’s it! Honest to god! (Wink! Wink! There are some that might think I am serious. Wink! Wink!)(There are some who won’t even get the “Wink! Wink! So for you, Gov. Christie DOES NOT have a mobile response team for bear psychology, but he is coming for you. Look out!)

And, again. Don’t forget the entertainment in the comment section.