October 3, 2022

Maine’s Bears: Pick Science Over Sensationalism

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*Editor’s Note* – The link is to a well written opinion piece full of excellent facts about the management of black bears in Maine, including some of its history. Well, worth the read. Here’s a sample of some of what was written.

“It was not the Humane Society of the United States that stepped up to protect and elevate the public perception of bears from a pest to one that that should be conserved and protected. Indeed, this was the effort of sportsmen, the Legislature and conservationists through a new license fee that would be used to establish an ongoing revenue stream to guarantee trained, professional biologists and wardens would closely monitor and protect bear populations. Because of this commitment to sound science, Maine has two world-renowned bear biologists with a combined 54 years of experience.”

And also this:

“Enter the Humane Society of the United States, who, with their team of lawyers and millions of dollars slated for media manipulation, would hijack this success story and replace it with wildlife management based on 30-second emotional TV commercials.”<<<Read More>>>