June 9, 2023

Wolves Slaughter 39 Sheep. Uncontrolled Wolves in Italy Surplus Kill For Fun

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But on Thursday morning at dawn, when he realized what had happened, he could not hold back the tears in front of the mangled carcasses of his animals, at least a dozen, found scattered among the fields and woods of Rocca Susella. But from his herd of 518 heads, in the evening he will miss 39. <<<Read More>>>

This surplus killing of sheep by wolves happened just outside of Milan. The map below shows better the region.



In this photo, a helicopter is being used to remove stacks of slaughtered sheep caused by wolves.
Note: While not confirmed, I do not believe this helicopter air lift of slaughtered sheep is part of the above sheep slaughter. The photo is intended to give readers an idea of the huge problem wolves are giving people in Europe.