February 7, 2023

The Wolves Held Back the Deer

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A friend and reader sent me some information found in a book called, “The History of the White-Tailed Deer in Maine.” Below are excerpts from that book about the deer herd in the State of Maine from as early as the 1700s. Readers might note a couple of things:

1.) In early settlement times, the deer were found almost exclusively along the coastline for a number of reasons. Twice in this writing it is mentioned that deer migrated inland with the expansion of the human population due, in part, by the reduction of the wolf population by the settlers.

2.) The deer would not and did not migrate inland as, “…the wolf still held back the deer from making important gains in those areas which were beginning to be opened up.”

Odd, isn’t it, that our history books are filled with accounts of how wolves dictated the scarcity of game and yet, today, this fact is denied by every environmentalist and their phoney organizations.