June 3, 2023

More Mental Drool Over Maine’s Anti-Bear Debate

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At about 5 minutes into this video, the moderator asks the two gentleman if they think the upcoming bear referendum in Maine will further divide Northern Maine and Southern Maine (the two Maines). Ethan Strimling, described as a “political analyst” operates as any slimy politician would and never answers a simple and direct question. I mean how difficult is it to offer conjecture on whether a very emotional event will divide the state?

Instead, he eagerly demonstrates his ignorance of facts and, like a brainwashed robot, anxiously takes the opportunity to promote the two-party divide and be conquered system, while mouthing stupid talking points hoping to bolster the anti hunting environmentalists effort.

A simple question of whether the state will further divide becomes an ignorant echo chamber of why, in his perverted perspective, hunting is unsportsmanlike and inhumane.

Complete mental drool and emotional intoxication on display!