June 5, 2023

Threat to Environmentalists’ Cash Cow

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The link below is to a one-sided report of how the evil Republican Party and their even more evil “Tea Party” are proposing changes to the Endangered Species Act. The excerpt below is a good indication that those who make a lot of money in non governmental agencies that are nothing more than subsidiaries of the U.S. Federal Government, are getting nervous that their bread and butter will be taken away from them. For this they are scrambling hard to prevent that from happening.

In the meantime, for me anyway, all inquiries to members of the House Committee on Natural Resources about proposals to amend the Endangered Species Act have returned nothing……not even a courtesy reply of “thank you.” Yup! Them slimy, good for nothing, corrupt politicians have no interest in doing anything with the Endangered Species Act to “improve” it. Their interest is in saying and doing anything they can to get a damned vote so they can corruptly steal from taxpayers for another 2 or 6 years.

“The Republicans’ proposal is little more than a laundry list of unverified complaints from cherry-picked witnesses from the six hearings held by the Natural Resources Committee over the past three years,” said Brett Hartl, endangered species policy director with the Center. “It’s telling that 118 of the citations in the report are from unsubstantiated statements from its own selected hearing witnesses and the statements of Republican members of the Committee. There’s not a single reference to a peer-reviewed scientific publication — not one — to support any recommendation for changes to the Act.”<<<Read More>>>