May 27, 2023

Why My Website Was Down for Over 6 Hours Yesterday

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From the management of the company that owns the servers:

“At approximate 8:58 EST customers on an output distribution panel were affected by an outage which lasted just over an hour. The problem occurred when an electrician who was installing a breaker slipped and caused a line-ground fault which did irreparable damage to the distribution panel. While under the fault current condition, the UPS attempted to make to an internal bypass to protect the electronics of the system. It successfully made the internal bypass, but afterwards irreparable damage occurred on the static transfer switch.

“Our data center was able to replace the distribution panel and one of the standby generators was put into operation to provide protected power while the repairs were completed. During a 4 hour period, the static switch was replaced, tested and brought back online. All operations are now running normally.

“The data center has reviewed their work place safety standards and implemented new procedures so that this type of accident will not occur again in the future.”

Gee! I hope so. A lot of people lost a lot of money yesterday during that 6 hours.