February 2, 2023

In France 6,000 Sheep Dead From Wolves. More Trouble in Italy and Sweden

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The wolf calls in the aisles of Agricultural Fair

Large black linen cover pens of sheep and sheep. “Since 6000 our friends, we were eaten by the wolf” or “sheep in mourning”, these were the messages displayed during the passage of the President of the Republic, Saturday, Feb. 22, in the morning.<<<More Google Translated>>>

And more from France here.

In Italy: 60 Sheep Massacred While Grazing

MANCIANO. The shepherds are milking, the predators go, biting two heads and all the other sheep terrified to go die in a ditch. Sixty die in one fell swoop. Loss of killer for the company splits the Sgrilla in the town of Manchester.<<<More Google Translated>>>

Swedish hunters angry over wolf hunt ban

Farmers and hunters in Sweden are crying foul over a wolf hunt ban they say threatens their way of life and may lead to civil disobedience.

“I think we could live with some wolves but not as many as there are now. They’re getting too close to people,” Elsa Lund Magnussen told AFP at her small sheep farm and abattoir outside Karlstad in south-central Sweden on Friday.

She pointed through the driving snow to a wooded area a stone’s throw from her traditional red wooden house and sheds.

“A wolf killed a moose calf just over there a week ago,” she said, shaking her head.<<<Read More>>>