December 14, 2017

Keep Maine Game Wardens or Add More Welfare?

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The natural resource commissioners — from the Departments of Agriculture, Marine Resources, Environmental Protection and Inland Fisheries & Wildlife — don’t often get involved with policy debates outside their agencies. Their involvement in the Medicaid expansion debate represented the strongest push yet by LePage to gain traction with his core message in recent weeks: that Medicaid spending is “cannibalizing” other state programs.<<<Read More>>>


  • alrem

    Oh horrors. The logical thing to do is to put welfare recipients to work for the “Service”.
    There are some recipients that are perfectly able (but not necessarily willing) to work; No point in working if one doesn’t have to, right? It happens all day long. Why work with so many hand-outs, has become a career for too long for too many.
    The local problem here is not at all unlike the Maine Wardens Service coming up short of funds. If drunks can pan-handle all day long, then folks that are able can work – for the public good instead of the public’s costs.
    The drunks can work and sober up – Period. Single mothers with multiple children can work for their food too – at home. After all, our new age technology is either going to make us or break us but we can’t set on our backsides with our hands out forever. Eventually, we’ll run out of someone else’ money.
    But all of that is going to be irrelevant as soon as global warming/climate change gets a good hold on. Food will grow in places where it never has before and neither will cities have costly snow removal operations. The animals the Wardens have cared for for so many years will finally all come together because the wolf balances even the sun.
    More Welfare for all. Global warming is coming. Soon. Really soon. I’ll have my paradise and beaches with palm trees on the Yukon and the Maine Warden Service will be called the Maine Welfare Service of the Maine Welfare State of Inland Welfare, No fish or game department.