June 5, 2023

Despite Claims of Wolf Taxonomy Game Playing, Agendas Shine Through

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The article teased and linked to below provides some excellent points about the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s (USFWS) game playing of wolf taxonomy in order to achieve some kind of political end game. The USFWS wants to “delist” the gray wolf in all the Lower 48 states. Their reasoning, or at least that which they are making public, is their fabricated claim of another breed of wolf, Canis lycaon, that once roamed the majority of the Eastern United States; a claim not too many others can agree with.

The USFWS has repeatedly played this subspecies game with wolves and it has repeatedly kept them in the dog house.

However, in this same article, comments expressed seem to show that despite reason about wolf taxonomy, some people just cannot get beyond their own ideological nonsense about wolves, the history of their abundance and where these varmints once ranged. The point being that for these wolf promoters, including their idiocy that wolves create some magical nirvana of our forests and fields, there will never be enough wolves. They choose to manipulate the Endangered Specie Act to fit their narratives and agendas and mislead the public about what is really going on presently and the long term history of this much undesirable animal.

This excerpt tells the story. You can read the entire article by following this link.

“I think probably over the decades at least a few of us were lulled into this sense of acceptance, that everything was getting better and that people now understood the importance of predators like wolves,” Barry said. But the debate over the delisting proposals has been a reminder of the residual anger towards wolves in the rural West, where influential ranchers have long fought wolves for depredating livestock. “Merge that in with the whole tea party fervor against government, and what you end up with in the state legislatures is this race to the bottom to see who can be more anti-wolf,” Barry said. “The biology of the thing gets thrown right out the window.”