June 6, 2023

Long Range Tactical hunters join State and Federal officials in hunt for killer wolf in Sun Valley, Idaho

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Idaho For Wildlife has been assisting with the coordination efforts to locate a few highly trained, long-range tactical hunters in hopes they can hunt down and destroy a colt killing wolf in Sun Valley, Idaho. This wolf killed a valuable colt of Kevin and Jennifer Swigert on 2-13-2014. Then ten days later on Sunday 2-23-2014 at 1:45 PM, this same aggressive wolf attacked two of the Swigert dogs in broad daylight within 300 yards of the Swigert’s while they were feeding their dogs.

Due to the extremely aggressive behavior of this particular wolf, concerned citizens both locally and nationally have come forward wanting to help the Swigerts any way they can. Some have pledged undisclosed amounts of donations to help incentivize hunters in hopes of eliminating this dangerous wolf before it attacks and kills again. One local lady left a $100.00 bill on the windshield of a hunter who has been vigilantly hunting every day. Some want to help with Vet bills.

The Swigert’s have dealt with hundreds of wolves in the past 15 years but have never seen a wolf more brazen and unafraid of man. The Swigert’s have witnessed the wolves drastically reduce the number of elk and deer near their home since wolf re-introduction. They believe that with the wolves eliminating much of the prey base this is contributing to the desperate and aggressive behaviour of the wolves.

USDA Wildlife Services if attempting to locate and destroy the wolf from a plane. The challenge in this country is that the wolves have become educated to what these planes represent. They are able to hear these planes from a great distance and they take cover making them very difficult to hunt from the air.<<<Read More>>>