July 3, 2022

Law Banning Gun Silencers Stops Deer Culling on Block Island, RI

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Block Island, off the coast of Rhode Island, is 9.5 square miles and has as many as 1,000, perhaps more, inhabiting that island. That’s too many as the math tells us that amounts to around 100 deer per square mile.

A deer hunting was scheduled…..of course, not utilizing any licensed hunters or even residents of the island. Instead “sharpshooters” were hired to kill perhaps as many as 200 deer. That would reduce the deer per square mile down to 85. I assume because residents might be scared or offended by gun shot blasts (and perhaps the culling would take place during the nighttime hours), the sharpshooters had or intended to use silencers on their weapons. What no archery weaponry? What kind of “sharpshooters” are these?

But an existing law on the island, or at least that one community, prohibits the use of silencers. The deer kill was called off and it is believed that efforts are underway to change the law. What could possibly go wrong?<<<Read More>>>