January 31, 2023

Black Bears: “Deadly, Even Predatory Intent”

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“Now I’m wondering if I shouldn’t have been more scared of black bears than the better-known grizzly. That is because black bears seem to be attacking humans more and more often these days. In an article in “Sports Afield” several years ago, the writer reported seeing black bears — even sows with cubs numerous times — and noted they almost invariably just wanted to get away or be left alone. So, the chances of being attacked by a black bear are small indeed.

“But while grizzlies get most of the attention and bad press, there actually have been many more negative encounters with black bears. And a significantly high proportion are fatal. Grizzlies do charge and maul and even eat someone on occasion, but much more frequently they make false charges, pop their teeth and growl — then decide to go no further. When black bears decide to get violent, they are much more likely to rush in with deadly, even predatory intent. They also try hard to finish the job.”<<<Read More>>>

The March 2014 edition of Outdoor Life (the print publication) has an article about the increase over the decades of black bear attacks on humans.