March 27, 2023

Police SWAT Team to Bait and Kill Deer

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According to Grand View Outdoors, one town in Western New York is going to use SWAT Team members to bait and kill surplus deer that the town has determined to be causing property damage and a danger to motorists. Isn’t there a better way?

When there are people, hunters, willing to do this for free, why utilize a SWAT Team? Why pay “sharpshooters?” In addition, the more and more we hear about these problems of just too many deer, has anyone considered reimplementing market hunting in some areas?

While the meat will be donated to the food bank, it just seems a waste that hunters/volunteers can’t do the job and keep one deer for themselves and family, if they wish, and pass the rest on to food banks.

Got ideas on this? Tell me about it in the comment section.