June 3, 2023

Government Permits Needed to Enjoy a Right

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It was once said that rights were natural or inalienable, never questioned. If that was true, why do we need a permit from government to exercise an inalienable right?

The below photo cannot be placed here without a story to go with it. Yesterday, my wife stopped in to the nearest polling place to vote. While there, two women ahead of her were arguing with the poll attendant about whether or not they had the “proper” identification to vote.

It has always been a bone of contention with many liberals that “proper” identification requirements were established as a means of prohibiting certain people or groups of people from voting. Whether one argues for or against this reasoning becomes hypocritical when any person declaring “proper” identification isn’t needed to vote but place prohibitive restrictions on a person’s right to keep and bear arms, even to the point of banning that right completely.

It is actions such as these that tell us that people are not necessarily interested in protecting the rights of all people but only those rights they chose to exercise.