December 9, 2023

The March Edition of the Global Climate Status Report Is Available

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The March 10, 2014 Edition (1-2014) of the Global Climate Status Report (GCSR) is now available.

You are invited to go to the “Publications” page at the web site for the Space and Science Research Corporation (SSRC) at, to obtain your copy.

In this edition, US government climate policy is discussed in my Editor’s Note along with a guest article from Dr. Rich Swier.

In addition, a research summary of potentially historic impact is included. This research, includes fellow researchers, Dr. Dong Choi, Dr. Fumio Tsunoda, and Dr. Leo Maslov. This summary outlines the existence of remarkably strong links between solar activity and earthquakes which are further tied
to the coming cold climate epoch. A final paper will be posted at the site at a later date.
This GCSR of course, also reviews each of the twenty four climate parameters monitored at the SSRC to determine global climate status. These climate indicators are then used to create a long range climate prediction through the 2040’s.

The GCSR is the only authoritative, quarterly, non-governmental global climate report published in the United States. Using solar activity forcing models for climate prediction, the SSRC has amassed one of the best records for climate prediction accuracy in the United States.

If you want to know what is really happening with the climate and not the politically correct version, please go to the SSRC web site today and download your own personal copy of the Global Climate Status Report.

Thank You,

John L. Casey
Space and Science Research Corporation (SSRC)
Editor, Global Climate Status Report (GCSR)