June 9, 2023

230 Fewer Wolves in Montana

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From the Great Falls Tribune:

“Montana’s wolf hunting season came to a close Saturday, with hunters and trappers taking 230 wolves.

That’s only five more wolves than the prior year’s wolf harvest despite extending the rifle season by a month and a half, lifting the quotas on the animals across most of the state and implementing a higher bag limit for individual hunters.”

Idiots will say that the reason more wolves weren’t killed is because hunters and trappers have killed off all the wolves. Knowledgeable and rational people understand that it’s difficult to kill wolves with limited tools at your disposal.

However, the wolf pimps, using their own logic, should know that an end of season meeting is planned among the stakeholders of the wolf packs in which the wolves will assess their losses and issue demands for the reproduction of more wolves, especially in those areas hard hit by hunters and trappers.