June 10, 2023

In Connecticut, Black Bears are “Spreading Out”

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“Last year, there were close to 3,500 sightings of black bears in the state[Connecticut] (many are the same bears seen multiple times). Most were spotted west of the Connecticut River, in towns such as Avon, Burlington and Farmington.

It’s still relatively rare to see a black bear in towns like Colchester or Mansfield, but that may not be true for long, according to Master Wildlife Conservationist Allen Petell, who gave a talk called “Black Bears in Connecticut” on March 22 at Colchester’s Cragin Memorial Library.

Black bears are spreading out in search of three basic resources – water, space and food – Petell told an audience of about 50 local residents.

The number of black bears in Connecticut is notable, Petell added, because the last one native to this state was killed in the 1850s.”<<<Read More>>>