June 10, 2023

N.C. Red Wolf Program “Disastrous, Irresponsible Farce”

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“The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service told me there were no wolves on my property and an accidental killing would not be considered a crime. Not wanting to kill a wolf or to have a judge determine if it was an accident, I decided to trap my farm with a private trapper. During the first five days of trapping (which began Jan. 21), three wolves and two hybrids were caught on my farm that “had no wolves.” It was at this point that USFWS realized they did not know where or how many wolves they had and found it necessary to grant the ‘take permit’ because they were unable to remove the unwanted wolves. This is what the law said and this is what they did. Simple enough.

Over a 30-day trapping period in January and February, 18 canines were caught. Four were red wolves. 13 were hybrids/coyotes. One was unidentified. All canines were held until USFWS red wolf biologists could identify the animals with one exception.”<<<Read More>>>