June 5, 2023

Another State Clamoring to “Manage” Bears With Bait Hunting

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While Maine deals with the lies perpetuated by the likes of extreme human-hating groups like the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), to ban bear hunting with bait, trapping and hound hunting, Massachusetts joins New York in proposing to lift the bans on bear baiting because……wait for it…..here it comes……there’s too many bears in conflict with humans. Have we heard that before somewhere?

From the Telegram.com:

“Gun Owners Action League (GOAL) Executive Director Jim Wallace does a great job regularly updating sportsmen about important legislation. He recently noted that H.809 — An Act Relative to the Hunting of Bear, filed by Rep. Todd Smola, would repeal the prohibition on the use of bait and hounds for hunting bear. This law was the result of the infamous 1996 referendum Question 1. As bear populations continue to increase and begin to spread beyond the traditional rural settings, it is essential that the Division of Fisheries and Wildlife be allowed to manage them. The most effective population management tool is hunting, and baiting bear is the most effective means in fairly urban areas. Baiting allows the hunter to harvest the bear in a safe and controlled manner.”