June 4, 2023

New Yorks Bear Population “Out of Control”

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Rational thought: Since New York and other states banned bear trapping, bear hounding and hunting bears using bait, bear populations have grown significantly and in this article that growth is described as “out of control.” Perhaps it is time to bring back those hunting methods in order to maintain a reasonable and healthy population of bears and provide better public safety.

Irrational thought: Hunting bears causes the population to grow bigger and it’s inhumane for humans to kill bears. This problem in New York can be best handled by banning bee hives.

From the Daily Mail:

“The black bear population in the southern wildlife district (Catskill Region) is considered by DEC and beekeepers to be “out of control.” During the past three decades it has tripled and is estimated now to be at about 1,500 (in the Catskills). Biologists encouraged hunting of bears, but the hunt has not harvested enough numbers to keep up with the increase in bear population in either in N.Y. or N.J. 85 percent of the members of the Catskill Mtn. Bee Club have suffered damage to their hives by bears. New beekeepers who are just starting to keep a few hives usually do not expect to suffer bear damage as they “have never seen a bear on their property.” Those who ignore the advice to set up an electric fence are likely to be visited by bears just as soon as they have a hive full of delicious smelling brood and honey.”<<<Read More>>>