June 5, 2023

Wolf Brainwashing Propaganda for Kids

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Below is the cover of Time for Kids, November 8, 2013, Vol. 4, No.9, Edition 3-4. The cover headline asks, “Are Gray Wolves Safe?” I want to ask, “Safe from what?” or better yet, my first impression upon seeing the cover was, are gray wolves “safe” for kids to be around? After all, do kids really care all that much about whether humans are going to not make wolves “safe?” Aren’t kids more concerned about whether they are safe from wolves?

But we are talking brainwashing propaganda! This garbage is given to kids in public schools all across America and that should nauseate all of us but we are brainwashed too.

So what about the article?

The article is very short and written with obvious bias, full of terrible misleading and non factual information. But what would we expect from propaganda, especially when it comes to wolves?

The article carries the name of Brenda Iasevoli as the author and relies upon information about wolves from only two people. Who? First is Dan Ashe, head of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. He told the author, “We’ve exceeded our recovery goals[for wolves].” And as far as any discussions or debates about whether “gray wolves are safe,” Time for Kids went to none other than that reliable source for everything gray wolves, Suzanne Stone from Defenders of Wildlife.

Need I say anymore?