September 25, 2023

“I Didn’t Think a Bear Would Really Attack Anybody”

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And herein lies one of my biggest complaints about wildlife managers, animal rights ignoramuses and media. A Florida woman, upon spotting several bears in her yard went looking for her two kids who had just left the house on bicycles. One bear attacked the woman.

There’s a video below about the latest efforts to find and kill the bears. Here’s a link to a comment in a separate article from a neighbor about the bear attack.

“I am really surprised. I didn’t think a bear would really attack anybody,” said neighbor Argun Valay.

One has to ask why this person would say, “I didn’t think a bear would really attack anybody.” Perhaps it is because the repeated crap sandwich that has been fed to people all over the need people seem to have had driven into their brains that bears are harmless. My God! All animals have the potential to inflict harm onto humans. These people don’t trust the most intelligent of the animal species, man, but they seem to want to trust a bear to a point a person states they didn’t think a bear would really attack someone.

Maybe it’s time to change up the stupid talking points and teach people the truth about bears, predators and all wild and even domestic animals.