December 3, 2023

New Jersey Bear Lovers Blame Attacks on Poor Garbage Management

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A Florida woman is attacked by a bear and dragged by the head toward the woods while taking out her garbage. So that must make Save NJ Bears absolutely brilliant? Why? Look at their outdated, incorrect, unsubstantiated, fairy tale “talking points” about why bears don’t attack people and if they do it’s because you didn’t take care of your garbage.


1. Peer-reviewed writings are worthless garbage these days. Anybody can find a “peer” who will endorse a piece of garbage written on toilet paper for the purpose of protecting bears or any other animal.

2. “The Nation’s Leading Experts?” Another worthless claim. Who decides who is an expert? This is much like Al Gore’s claim that the majority of scientists think he should make millions of dollars lying about global warming. This is just a dishonest misleading of the public.

3. Governor Corzine’s staff probably wouldn’t know science if it hit them in the face. Give me a break. If Corzine (that’s the crook that should be locked up in jail for stealing millions of dollars from people) wanted to protect bears because he’s an idiot, he should have said so and not hidden behind or allowed the bear loving radicals to make claims about his staff’s “scientific review.” One has to wonder if that is the peer reviewed articles referred to above.

4. So now that the state of New Jersey has a governor that extremists on the left think is a conservation (he’s a fake one), the guy and his DEP Commissioner aren’t any good because they believe, as the majority of the world does, that hunting is an integral part of wildlife management.

5. Bear hunting, when implemented as a means of reducing bear populations, works very well and history has proven it. The problem with making such a bogus claim is that hunting of bears is so heavily restricted population control is not allowed to work.

6. Who can argue that deaths by bear attacks are unusual. Encounters with bears is very common though and with increased bear numbers and morons controlling the media telling them to tell everybody bears are cute and cuddly animals will only enhance the chances of another “rare” attack. Let’s hope it’s not your child. And again, I say, if the state of New Jersey and other states would allow for hunting and other methods to control too many bears, any bear hunt will reduce the chances of somebody’s kid getting mauled and killed by a bear.

7. Garbage containment is very important but it does not cause bears to grow in population when they get into it. That’s just another unproven myth by people clueless as to reproduction science concerning bears. When bears come out of hibernation, they are hungry and at times there is little natural food. When natural food is abundant bears seldom bother anybody’s garbage, or people for that matter. However, the concern here is about too many bears WHEN natural food dries up. We know food supply is cyclical and when it is absent the landscape, bears still have to eat. If they can’t get in your garbage they will take what they can get; even an adult woman in a small town in Florida.

8. Correct, and when their choice of cuisine is not available, they still got to eat.

9. It is poor advice to tell people that bears are fuzzy little creatures scared of humans. Generally speaking it is true bears will run from humans. But they won’t when they are hungry and on other occasions. If the occasion presents itself, do what is necessary to scare the bear off – “look big” and make noise, use bear spray or a gun. Better advice is to let people know to never trust ANY animal. Bear attacks can a do happen and so it is better to be prepared than be sorry because somebody insisted bears rarely bother people.