January 17, 2018

The Case for a Little Sedition

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“If the conservatives in official Washington want to do something other than stand by and look impotent, they might consider pressing for legislation that would oblige the federal government to divest itself of 1 percent of its land and other real estate each year for the foreseeable future through an open auction process. Even the Obama administration has identified a very large portfolio of office buildings and other federal holdings that are unused or under-used. By some estimates, superfluous federal holdings amount to trillions of dollars in value. Surely not every inch of that 87 percent of Nevada under the absentee-landlordship of the federal government is critical to the national interest. Perhaps Mr. Bundy would like to buy some land where he can graze his cattle.”<<<Read More>>>

  • GoldDust


    Exclusive: Erik Rush labels Senate majority leader a ‘putrescent little tin god’

    “Reid and his son were both involved in a deal with the Communist Chinese-owned ENN Energy Group to build a $5 billion solar farm in Nevada. The son, Rory Reid, works for a Las Vegas law firm that represents ENN. Finally, Neil Kornze, Reid’s former senior policy adviser, is the new head of the Bureau of Land Management, which targeted Cliven Bundy.”

    “It has been reported that the ENN deal ultimately fell through and that the proposed solar farm was over 100 miles away from the disputed land tract in any case. My sources say otherwise: that in fact the plan for this facility is still in the works, that the Chinese/Reid-sponsored energy designs for the southwest U.S. are far more expansive than a single solar panel farm in Nevada, and that the so-called abandonment of this venture was merely a “strategic de-escalation” of efforts in order to defray suspicion and mitigate public scrutiny.”