September 22, 2023

Garage Door No Deterrent to Hungry Bear

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Take down bird feeders, use bear-proof garbage cans, don’t put your trash out the night before, put bar-b-cue grills away, keep garbage cans and trash in the garage until trash pick up day……or maybe not.

In Nah Jurzay a hungry bear decided he wanted what was in the garage and certainly a garage door between it and food bliss was not about to make those hunger pangs go away. If your garage door is too flimsy and this could happen to you even if closed, you may want to look into getting a new garage door installation that is more secure.

Police have seen no further trace of a black bear that aggressively entered the garage area of an Andrew Lane home on Thursday, April 24, causing a considerable amount of damage but no injuries.

I sure hope that authorities don’t kill this bear because it will cause waters to pollute, trees and plants to stop growing, other wildlife to die and more global warming.