June 9, 2023

The Stupidity of Animal Perversion

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The society of the United States has grown to become one of animal perversion. People are obsessed with, if that even accurately describes the mental affliction, animals to a point where humans come in at least second in the grand scheme of priorities.

There is such a thing as having a “healthy” respect for all animals and even enjoying them at many levels but living with them, eating with them, sleeping with them, exploiting them for profit and even using them for psychological therapy, brings the human into a world of perversion as well as a distorted view of reality and the way life is intended to be lived.

One small example of this happened at Washington University where a woman, with a “traveling zoo” brought a bear cub on campus as a, “stress reliever during exam season.” Believed to help student relieve stress, one has to wonder how getting bitten by a bear putting humans at risk of contracting rabies and a myriad of other not so cool diseases can relieve stress. I suppose if you are just plain ignorant of things and believe the false claims made by other perverse animal lovers, nothing of importance much matters.

The owner of the traveling freak show says she is defending her “business practices.”