January 27, 2023

Bear Attacks Are Just Sooooo Rare

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LornaWeaferWell, how rare are they? They’re so rare here’s a list of attacks and nuisances reported in just two days of news.

1. A bear is moved from a Nevada/California ski resort only to return to continue being a pest.
2. Not to be outdone by the California bear, in Florida a bear that was “rescued” from a tree and “transplanted,” showed back up 2 weeks later in nearly the same tree.
3. Even the National Geographic acknowledges there is an increase in bear encounters and takes the time to list some of them, including mention of the Suncor worker that was attacked and killed a few days ago.
4. And speaking of that woman worker at Suncor, seven men tried everything they could think of to chase the bear away to save the woman. I guess they didn’t “remain calm” enough, or “look big” enough, or “make loud noises” enough.
5. Bear attacks are so rare that for some reason officials insist on repeatedly listing how to avoid being the victim of a bear attack. Here’s another, and don’t forget to “look big.”
6. Here’s a bear that appears to be wanting to get trapped by officials (who claim bear attacks are very rare). He or she is no dummie. First, in what seems to be an “in your face” moment, the bear picks the tree where a camera is set up to video the capture of the bear, to get a good back scratching. Then the bear sticks his head and neck into the trap just far enough to snatch a donut (no wonder this bear has become a nuisance) and walks away……I’m sure with a snicker in his growl.
7. Bear attacks are so rare, here’s a list of 5 people who are dead from bear attacks in just North America in the past 4 years. And these are the ones confirmed. There are missing people who have never been found that could have been victims of a bear attack. But……..they are so rare.


I realize I can be a bit obnoxious about the echo chamber of “bear attacks are very rare” and have even asked how many attacks and deaths of humans by bears would it take to get them to change their lame talking points. It makes little sense to continue to repeat such useless nonsense. The only good it might do is create another barrier of protection around the bear. It’s almost as stupid as someone stating that more people are attacked by domestic dogs than wild dogs. When an honest person realizes there are several million domestic dogs living, eating, sleeping with humans, compared to a few thousand wild dogs living in the woods, is it any wonder? And yet, being attacked by a wild dog is very rare and in some people’s minds has never happened. The percent of incidents far exceeds that of being attacked by a wild dog.

As with bears, states like Maine have a low-ball estimate of 35,000 black bears and just over 1 million people. As bear numbers increase the “rarity” of attacks becomes muted and more and more people will get hurt and/or killed. And yet, the media and wildlife officials will continue to beat their drum that bear attacks are rare. Why? Despite the fact that some states are being proactive and even creating bear attack first responders, it remains puzzling that the need calls for such action while officials repeat, “bear attacks are very rare.”

And if all of this isn’t enough, let me end this piece with this bit of information. Lorna Weafer is the 36-year-old Suncor employee that was recently attacked and killed by a bear in Alberta, Canada. Above I provided a link to how 7 men tried to save her.

But now we read this headline: Witnesses of fatal bear attack on Irish woman (36) desperately tried to fight off animal with water cannons, fire extinguishers and air horns.”

When you live or work in a state that, for the most part forbids the use and possession of a firearm for protection, people have to resort to fending off a bear attack with water, fire extinguishers and air horns (looking big and remaining calm). It’s not like this place of employment was in downtown Toronto. This was in known bear and wolf country and yet one has to wonder if this death was necessary.While officials continue to spew idiocy that bear attacks are rare, what has become extremely rare is to find sensible thinking people. What’s wrong with humans that would submit people to work and live in bear country without adequate protection?