January 31, 2023

More Wolf Releases Planned for New Mexico This Summer

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This is information I received in an email today:

“On June 18 2014 FWS plans on releasing M 1282 and F 1295 as an active pair on Gila Flat in SW NM in the Gila Wilderness.
This was the same pair of wolves that recieved a confirmed livestock kill up on the el malpiase near Grants earlier this spring and were trapped from the territory they had established outside the boundary of the current BRWRA. By Jan 2015 this type of removal and relocation back onto ranches in the Gila will no longer occur, FWS will have a new plan in place that will allow expansion of the original boundaries to include the Cibola Forest. The Apache and Tonto forests the entire Gila and southern NM border region.

On July 22 FWS also plans on releasing what they are calling the Coronodo pack, F 1106 and M 1051 and 4 pups, the pack will be old enough to travel upon release and is not expected to stay at McKenna park in the initial release area by anyone except FWS who cannot seem to figure out the Wilderness in the Gila is not wolf habitat.

If you have not already gotten this news, sorry to have to be the person to release it.”