December 1, 2022

Alaska Using Wolf Hair DNA to Count Wolves

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“Researchers sleuth out areas on Prince of Wales frequented by wolf packs and their prey. There, the biologists hide planks of wood stapled with lengths of barbed wire and scented with a cocktail of odors, such as coyote urine, that are irresistible to wolves.

Then they wait. Motion-sensing trail cameras capture what happens next.

“Wolves are dogs and anybody knows, that has a dog, they like to roll in stinky things,” Logan said.

When the animals sniff out the wooden planks and rub against the wire, they leave strands of fur behind that Alaska researchers collect and ship 1,000 miles away for study at a Montana university for genetics testing. The DNA results can show how many different wolves came into contact with the lures — a less invasive, less dangerous method than trying to collar or count the animals from the air.”<<<Read More>>>