December 1, 2022

Ludwig von Mises on Marxist Socialism (Communism)

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Ludwig von Mises said in 1951 what I have been trying to say about “planning”, “oversight” and other illegitimate options to the constitutional requirement of the payment of just compensation for the State’s exercise of Eminent Domain.

Whether the private property is land for the prairie chicken, or groundwater for the “common good”, central control abolishes private property ala the Communist Manifesto and as such violates prohibitions against communism.

On the nature of ownership:
“Regarded as a sociological category ownership appears as the power to use economic goods. An owner is he who disposes of an economic good.” Page 37.
“It is the aim of Socialism to transfer the means of production from the private ownership to the ownership of organized society, to the State.”
“If the State takes the power of disposal from the owner piecemeal, by extending its influence over production; if its power to determine what direction production shall take and what kind of production there shall be, is increased, then the owner is left at last with nothing except the empty name of ownership, and property has passed into the hands of the State.” Page 56, “Socialism, An Economic and Sociological Analysis”, von Mises, 1951, reprint 2009)

“It is fundamental that the Constitution is the paramount law of the state and cannot be altered by legislative enactment.” Jones v. Ross, 173 S.W.2d 1022, 1024 (Tex. 1943)

This is not rocket science.

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