December 3, 2022

Pennsylvania Considering Study of Predator Impact on Deer

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*Editor’s Note* – The linked-to article below contains information about a coyote/deer study conducted in New York. It is my opinion that much of the information given about that study is bogus. It appears as though conclusions were drawn through the desires of a predator protector’s outcome based research with too many “possibles”, “maybes”, etc. The proposed Pennsylvania study might be of interest as it will deal with predator manipulation and the effects of that on deer.


“Under the proposed study, three 150-square-mile blocks would be used. One would be a control area, another where black bear populations are reduced by as much as 50 percent over two years and the same thing is done with coyotes in the third. Then, for the following two years, both predators would be reduced in each of the two study areas.

Then, the study may start generating some answers to three questions:

Does eliminating predators equate to an increase in deer numbers?

By lowering the population of one predator, will the other increase and kill more fawns than before?

Is there a way to control predators efficiently enough to increase deer numbers?”<<<Read More>>>