January 31, 2023

Two Az Ranchers Invite Pelosi To Visit Ranches and See Real Illegal Immigration

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From Fox News:

“Two Arizona ranchers want Congress to wake up to the dangers of the growing illegal immigration crisis along the southwest border, and they’re inviting House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi to take a tour along the porous border their ranches straddle with Mexico.

Ranchers Fred Davis and John Ladd have been outspoken in the past about the hardships their communities have endured with increased illegal immigration flow along the nation’s roughly 2,000-mile southern border. They say lawmakers like Pelosi — who visited a detention facility in Brownsville, Texas, earlier this month to see the conditions of some of the thousands of children who have crossed — have no clue about how dangerous the situation has become.

“I want to invite Nancy Pelosi down,” Ladd said in a video invitation, first obtained by TheBlaze. His ranch in Naco, Arizona, has been in his family since 1892. “She went to Texas to see the kids. So come here and see where the dope and bad guys are coming through the border.”

The ranchers said they will pay for Pelosi’s plane ticket and invite her to stay with their families on the ranch so they can give her a firsthand tour.”<<<Read More>>>