January 30, 2023

Moose Just Aren’t Whistling Dixie

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Here we go again! Someone must be promoting deer/moose whistles for cars that are advertised as a way to keep these big animals from crossing the road in front of us while driving our cars. The whistles mount on the front of a car or any vehicle and claims are it makes a whistling noise. Note: I don’t know if it actually whistles or not. Crawling out on the hood of the car at 60 miles per hour, the wind was rushing past my ears and making such a loud noise I couldn’t hear if the whistles were whistling.

Lee Kantar, Maine’s moose biologist, says they might make a noise but there’s no guarantee it will stop a deer or moose from running into the road confused by the noise.

But here’s a fact: I bought a used Subaru several years ago that had the whistles already mounted on the front bumper. To my knowledge the whistles had been on the car for several years before I bought the car (by the looks of the condition of them) and the car had not collided with a deer or moose. While I owned the car, it was never involved in a deer or moose collision, so the whistles must work. Right?

I have a bridge in New York I’m looking to sell. I’ll throw in a set of deer whistles for free to whoever sends the money for the bridge.