November 29, 2023

Council for Lupine-American Relations Seeks Legal Help to End Use of “Lone Wolf”

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“We lone wolves do not like being associated with criminal acts. Can’t the media use phrases like, ‘by themselves,’ ‘solo,’ or ‘separate’? Why do they have to bring ‘lone wolves’ into it? Just because we don’t prefer the company of other wolves, doesn’t mean we don’t have feelings.

Since the 1980s, we’ve been laughed at for getting hungry. Now we get scorned for being alone. There is nothing wrong with being a loner. How would you feel if every extroverted criminal was called a “social butterfly”? Doesn’t feel good, does it, butterflies?

We condemn media bias against lone wolves, and demand that reporters cease and desist with any mentions of us. If the media can banish the word ‘Redskins’ from the lexicon, surely ‘lone wolf’ will also be done away with.”<<<Read More>>>