November 29, 2022

Wolves and Public Lands Are Mine and Only For My Purposes – STAY OUT!

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“Competitive hunting for wolves on public lands in Idaho has never before been authorized, according to the plaintiffs, who say the derby is “incompatible with modern-day wildlife management principles and ethical hunting practices.”

Isn’t this a bit like saying nobody has ever hunted polar bears in Miami?

“The contest occurs in the middle of the holidays on the weekend following New Years Day,” the complaint states. “During this time, many families have time off work, can recreate on public lands and head out to test out new skis, snowshoes, sleds, snowsuits and snowmobiles. The derby concentrates shooters on public lands.”

“There were once more than 350,000 in the Western U.S. before hunting and trapping devastated the population.”

I’d like to see the science on that magnificent claim. With that many wolves, how did Lewis and Clark ever survive their exploration? They must have also lied in their journals, not reporting some of the 350,000 wolves.

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