January 16, 2018

Deer Season in Northeast Ends on Tough Note

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“The early arrival of winter has certainly made for an interesting end to big game seasons. The snow caused deer to yard up already in some areas, and guys I have talked to have seen very little movement over the past couple of weeks.”<<<Read More>>>

  • Harve Reworks

    No snow down here in Pa. The hunting has sucked though thanks to pgcs kill’em all policies. But that’s another story.

    • Chandie Bartell

      I got Amish friends in the Lancaster County area. They say it’s legal to kill 3 whitetail per season. I haven’ t spoken to them about hunting for a long time, but what is going on out in Idaho. Are you still able to shoot 3 a year? Sounds like it’s all about money like our IDFG.