December 2, 2022

“Experts” Say Wolves in Great Lakes Not Endangered

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*Editor’s Note* – From my perspective, Dr. David Mech was instrumental in the reintroduction of wolves and the nationwide protection of them. In interviews and statements he has made, he admitted to effectively lying about wolves in order to get wolves living in everyone’s back yard. Now that they are here and nothing short of declared war will rid the landscape of wolves, it’s easy for him to make statements about wolves, hunting and trapping, without jeopardizing his pet projects. Especially if it means more research money to pad his coffers. Amazing!

“In a conference call organized by the International Wolf Center in Ely, regional wolf experts including David Mech of the U.S. Geological Survey in Minnesota, who’s vice chair of the center, said hunting and trapping as it was regulated by the three states did not threaten the species’ survival.”<<<Read More>>>