March 30, 2023

Politicians Make Plans to Circumvent Environmental Lawsuits and Activist Judges

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Once again we are seeing and hearing of efforts to introduce legislation to manage and control wolves. It appears four members of the U.S. House of Representatives from Minnesota, Wisconsin, Michigan and Wyoming are proposing a bill that would: “…allow the Great Lakes states to continue the effective work they are doing in managing wolf populations without tying the hands of the Fish and Wildlife Service or undermining the Endangered Species Act.”

There is no text of this proposed bill and people should hold their applause until they see it. This is nothing more than a direct result of environmentalist’s demand for predator protection going too far. When one studies the entire history of what led up to the writing of the Endangered Species Act (ESA), they discover that the intent was to protect and save species that were recklessly being threatened. All attempts at protecting those species intended to be grounded in reasonable administration, with little or no effect on local economies, private property, human safety or, in general, that no plant or animal would take precedence over the welfare of human beings. This nonsense of ESA abuse and corruption has driven more and more people to their edges and now we are witnessing the push back.

Idaho and Montana got wolves removed from federal protection as well as a ban on any further litigation to stop the delisting. This was achieved by attaching a rider to an omnibus budget bill. Doubts are it would have stood alone as a separate bill. Wyoming, said to have been “thrown under the bus” during the Idaho and Montana event, eventually achieved delisting but subsequent activist court rulings have placed the wolf back on the ESA list.

The Western Great Lakes wolf population was removed from ESA protection but another activist judge in Washington, D.C. placed wolves back under ESA protection because she believed in the all or nothing principle that no species listed as threatened or endangered should be removed from protection anywhere until that species is fully recovered throughout its entire historic range.

And so, the nonsense continues!

What is puzzling is that in the article linked to above, Rep. Reid Ribble of Wisconsin seems concerned that his proposal wouldn’t “undermining the Endangered Species Act.” Well, why not. We already have one act of Congress to get around the draconian laws of the Endangered Species Act and endless lawsuits that have, because of abuse and corruption, gotten out of control, and another end around planned. This should speak volumes to any sane person that there is something seriously wrong with any law that when administered, fosters the results of rights intrusion and usurpation, public health and safety and the ability of local governments to take care of their own business without subversive actions by governmental and non governmental agencies.

So, one has to ask why the need to tip-toe around the ESA? If it is prohibiting sensible wildlife management while destroying the life, liberty and pursuit of happiness of individuals, one can only hope that the end around bill proposal is more of a stop gap effort to be followed by permanent and effective amendments to or the complete overturning of the ESA.

And so, the nonsense continues!