February 3, 2023

Frank Murkowski Lives on a One-Way Street

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Former Governor of Alaska and U.S. Senator, Frank Murkowski, in a rant about environmentalist lawsuits to stop timber harvesting in portions of Alaska, seems to invoke “balance of nature” in one breath about wolves, while holding his breath about “balance of nature” in the next.

In the Juneau Empire he writes:

To try to link timber harvest with reduction in deer population and thus a decline in the wolf population is nothing more than a fabricated argument to stop logging. If environmentalists really wanted to increase wolves they would instead support the Alaska Department of Fish and Game’s proposal to reduce the cap allowing hunters to take 60 wolves per year. This would directly and immediately increase both deer and wolf populations. But, there is a balance in nature — an increase in wolves will result in a decrease in deer. The wolves will then move to where there are more deer. Logging has little to do with nature’s balancing in this regard.

If Murkowski is employing the “balance of nature” myth as it pertains to predator/prey relationships in order to protect timber harvesting, intimating that if man just left it alone it would be alright, then certainly if ecosystems balance themselves out then there is no need for timber and forest management (timber harvesting) other than the greed of consumptive use…right?

Perhaps there’s a need to better polish the argument here. Or double check with the Council on Foreign Relations and make sure he has his talking points right.