November 24, 2017

The Effect of Coyotes on Deer Populations

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“It appears coyotes negatively influence deer populations. The elimination of coyotes have been known to double the survival of fawns. The removal of predators, especially coyotes can significantly increase the deer population. Do your part to put these fawn slayers in check by trapping and hunting and to bring back a thriving deer herd, but be sure to check your states laws before you go out!”<<<Read More>>>

  • alrem

    The effect of Deer Populations on Coyotes has been an expensive endeavor, rooted in deceit. Protection of the coyotes over other species has been a success story in thievery. The amounts of monies for protecting wild dogs far surpass that of protection from abortion. Each term could be swapped for the other.
    In the hospital/clinic Doctors go denning for the unborn to kill it. While in the field, the doggies are protected – with filthy money – with fines – jail terms. It is impossible to stop the killing of the innocent in the womb – that’s what Doctors do.
    It’s impossible to stop the coyotes – that’s what feds do. Lie, cheap and steal.
    So the effect deer populations are having on coyotes is just what the Doctor ordered. Abort Hunting, (trapping and fishing) while robbing the same. It means feeding deer to the dogs – nothing more; nothing less.
    If there ever were outrage over killing innocents, it has long been quieted. Instead, those feelings have been switched to the dogs. More jobs is what. They have new vehicles, buildings. Purchasing radio collars from that unlimited supply of funds the hunters have had stolen from them each year, the deer have created a major contributing factor in crime amongst the gangsters of game – the USFWS.