November 23, 2017

Chemical Spraying Resumes

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Over the past few days, Florida has been treated to crystal clear blue (deep blue) skies, along with very low humidity. Nothing was put into the atmosphere by man. It has been normal.

Early this morning there was a wind shift. Today the wind is out of the East and shifting around to the Southeast and eventually to the South…is the forecast. With that direction of wind, it means increasing humidity – evidently something that is not liked by the aerosol bastards dumping crap on our heads. I suppose it could also be that a certain degree of humidity, and/or dewpoint, is required in order for whatever it is they are trying to do to do it more efficiently and effectively.

By 11:00 this morning, the blue sky is gone, once again, and is replaced with multiple chemical trails now turning the sky milky white. At one point I counted no fewer than 30 distinct trails.

Going outside at daybreak you could see that spraying began well before daylight. If you step outside right now, there are always planes laying down more trails, and more trails.

All of this while brainwashed masses worry about such things as whether lead from ammunition might be making animals sick or us humans, should we eat any game killed by lead bullets.

Look up! Look up! Look up!

You might have fun with this site – Spot one of those planes laying down a big, white trail behind it and then get on your computer and see if you can find it.

  • alrem

    It has been trying to rain here for the past couple weeks. It is too hot for snow and it has been this way a good part of the season so far. Hot. Along with the clouded skies, spraying resumes throughout the day and night. Not heavy but continuing.

    I’ve memorized flight patterns over the years so any other plane appearing is readily noticed. The link you provided verifies this.

    I suspect heavy spraying over California has affected this area’s winter conditions which as of today looks like spring run off.

    Yesterday, moose (4) were out in the open – grazing on grasses/ground cover; there is hardly any snow or cold temps.

    In a given winter I usually have to plug the truck in to preheat it before starting it but not so this winter. I have had to plug it in only twice; it actually got cold enough.

    In the 40s today, rain light, bare roads.