November 23, 2017

Open Thread – Saturday, February 21, 2015

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HEY! Obama Grew Up a Commie!

Please use this open thread to post your ideas, information and comments about issues not covered in articles published on this website. Thank you.

  • GoldDust

    Hey! So did communist Rudi grow up a commie.. Along with being a Papal lackey, a Nazi, a fascist, a socialist prick, and a cross dressing deuchecanoe.. And is just another Masonic psychoshill from the squirming maggot pot.

  • GoldDust

    Excusism as fraudulent pretext: “Just War” as moral relativity of “Christian” apologia.

  • GoldDust

    Laugh of the day;

    I’d be terrified to encounter one{Grizzly bear}{Yet she is not terrified for those of us living with them}, when hiking in Yellowstone I’ve avoided places where they were seen, learned how to identify one, and take seriously the ranger warnings. That said, they and other wildlife do deserve to be brought back to their rightful places in wilderness, in places where there wouldn’t be much contact with humans. – Ida Urine

    {The problem is they don’t stay in places where there is less human contact, especially since wolves have removed a substantial number of elk from those places which pushed grizzlies into areas where human conflicts would increase.. DUH!!!}

    oops, that should be Ida Ursine. I should add that I am as equally terrified of a bear having to be destroyed because of a bad encounter with people, esp. if it could have been avoided.

    {No oops I agree, she happily urinates on on other peoples beliefs and their cultures with this false paradigm environmental repair the planet by making little people suffer bullshit while large corporations behind these pseudo environmental reparations get off scott free because they are ignored while little people like miss urine brain attacks other peoples customs and culture…}

    Goddamn the lollipop people…

  • GoldDust

    “By my math the Canadian wolves (an invasive species) released into Idaho by the Feds have killed over 200,000 Elk in Idaho so far, and over 400,000 in total from this thing they lied to us about and portrayed as an “experiment”.”

    That sure would displace grizzlies…

  • GoldDust

    What is called “education” in the postmodern world is Kindergarten: 12 years of enforced warehoused conditioning and programming. And in the “Professional” caste from 4 to 8 more years of deeper more intense reinforced conditioning. This is of course triply reinforced through media and entertainment, and social pressures to conform. A self regenerating multigenerational loop of conditioning, all of this hard-capped with governmental coercion and force. {marionette biscuits included}


  • GoldDust

    Rudy Giuliani in Drag – He Feels Pretty!

    • TRemington


  • GoldDust

    Is Rudolph Giuliani related to Pinocchio?

  • GoldDust

    Iran Executes Kurd Charged With Terrorism, Causes International Uproar © Flickr/ Jaime Pérez

    21:20 20.02.2015(updated 21:39 20.02.2015)

    Notice how its such a big deal when Iran executes a “terrorist” but if the West does this to many abroad it is peaceful and okay. Bare in mind that the U.S. has the death penalty. Notice how Saudi Arabia can behead people for minor offences without an outcry but if its anyone else then its a big deal.

  • GoldDust


    Massive fire engulfs Dubai ‘Torch’ residential tower (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

    Published time: February 20, 2015 23:39

    Notice how this steel building like all others hit by fire did not collapse. Only the World Trade Center buildings have supposedly been bought down by fire but that is of course a veil for the true reason being a controlled detonation. You as the herd were given the false reasons you heard whilst officials were given another log of hogwash about SADM nuclear weapons being on the planes and a possible nuclear atmospheric explosion. The officials also took the their bait like the herd did. Now the Port Authority acceptance of the downing (“pull it” aka zionist Larry Silverstein) of the towers was granted and everyone had their so-called excuses and veils in place. The truth of the matter was that the World Trade Center was downed by a combination of advanced demolition explosives and very strong initially contained (Granite) underground nuclear explosions. The reason they like to claim it was the jet fuel (most of which was burnt up outside the building) is simply to hide the fact of powerful solid-propellant rocket fuel (Alliant Techsystems Inc [Thiokol] now called Orbital ATK) explosives placed in the elevator shaft and shielded by SmacSonic all connected to BAE Systems aka the British/Saudi (28-pages) connection. If you want to understand the way this event was involved with nukes then please follow the link below but do not assume you already understand nuclear weapons because you do not. May I remind you that the 9/11 attacks were ordered by the Most Honourable Military Order of the Bath and planned by members of the Guild of Air Pilots and Air Navigators (now known as the Honourable Company of Pilots). The events that day were executed by the Royal Canadian Air Force, Bombardier (Master Trust) and the North Atlantic Treaty Organization connected with the UK Ministry of Defence. So next time you see the video of US fire-fighters at that music concert for 9/11 take a look at that big evil flag known as the ‘Union Jack’ and understand what was being projected to the world as they watch and mourned the dead. Notice the dominance of British bands at that concert and think about the Beatles (Tavistock Institute for Human Relations) with the ‘British Invasion’. Come on connect the dots in plain sight. Many of those fire-fighters are dead from the radiation after-effects or are dying and they’ve still not received compensation and the proper health care needed all whilst radiation sickness has been cover-up and veiled. Britain is the power and it is New Venice, the Venetian power continues to this day.


    • GoldDust

      Come on tell me who are you!!! A British slave thats who are you; All laugh now because American citizens don’t have a clue who they are..Yes the WHO were great magicians…I am fooled no more…YES they have turned this country into a teenage wasteland…of 1-12 grade level kindergarten level dupes.. YES, the sad evil men who tell only lies…They love vengeance….NO, I won’t get fooled again..By the pushers of the lollipop historical fairy tales about a witnessed and adopted constitution and a new revolution.. Against Yeshua who they mock in their song…

  • Chandie Bartell

    Great comment I read and interesting observations this person wrote about over a 20 year period in the Sawtooths.

    Charlie Swearingen · Top Commenter
    I worked in the Sawtooths every summer since 1988 in the area between Atlanta and Grandjean for the Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation and the Forest Service. Some time around 1995 wolves began to appear and moose & elk began to disappear. Over the years there I noticed the mule deer numbers were going down also. Then I began finding goat kills and wolf scat filled with white goat hair. I think they began eating goats because the deer/elk population was so low. Finally I began to notice less wolf howling, tracks and sightings. The wolves had eaten everything on four legs and were leaving the area. During this time the spruce bud worm was wiping out hundreds of stands of trees and then came the forest fires. To make matters worse the loss of forest shade provides more sunshine giving noxious weeds a strong foothold. Another side note to this is that I began having problems with cougars attacking my pack string. I believe this was because the cougar’s mainstay, mule deer had been decimated by wolves.

    The forests are gone, the deer & elk are gone, the wolves have moved on to new hunting grounds and noxious weeds have gained a strong foothold. To better describe the area, the refrigerator is empty. It’s a barren wasteland now and I’m not impressed with the environmental movement and lock & key management.

    I’m not arguing for or against wolves. I’m not saying my observations were scientific or that what I saw is always the case. I’m just describing the dynamics of what I observed over a period of twenty years in relation to the return of wolves. We need the return of resource management based on science, not politics to the Forest Service and the Idaho Fish & Game.
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  • Chandie Bartell

    It is a wolf captured by a trapper, and used as a sled dog. Circa 1929, Canada.

    Important to note that Irremotus (Nublius) territory went into Alberta and even British Columbia. Please look at Subspecies map on this Outdoorsman.…/The%20Outdoorsman%20No%20…

    Back of picture says Timber Wolf.

  • GoldDust

    A statist is a man who believes that some men have the right to force, coerce, enslave, rob, and murder others. To be put into practice, this belief has to be implemented by the political doctrine that the government—the state—has the right to initiate the use of physical force against its citizens. How often force is to be used, against whom, to what extent, for what purpose and for whose benefit, are irrelevant questions. The basic principle and the ultimate results of all statist doctrines are the same: dictatorship and destruction. The rest is only a matter of time. Ayn Rand

  • GoldDust

    Make the lies big and simple keeping saying it and eventually they will believe them; any party or president will do; They’ve had a long string of British agent puppets managing the British corporations colony.

  • GoldDust

    Oligarchy=Crony Capitalism…or State Capitalism=corporate capitalism=this has been corporate capitalism since Britain invested in settlement here and used deceptive legal terminology to maintain ownership of this continent and people not of their posterity who failed to grasp the con being pulled off which made slaves of them. That corporate power has been preserved by various treaties and international contracts. 1663-1763-1783-1791-1814-civil war era-reconstruction-1933-onwards..The Empire includes Great Britain=Venetian ruling elite. They gave the sheople a sweet tasting lollipop fairy tale of freedom with no property rights.. Now bitter as it has gone sour..Now go wave their flag and brag to me about your freedom=This country has been under marshall law since the whiskey rebellion, since reconstruction, since the implementation of the War Powers Act, since the 1947 National Security Act. I can of course list more proof but you get it, at least some of you do get it… God Dammit people why is this so fking hard to figure out? You have a militarized government with uniformed goons patrolling all over all around you. Admiralty Maritime Law is Martial Law… Yeah, I won’t get fooled again!!! This all equates to no property, no free market capitalism, total and complete rule by free market hating corporations bent on their own self destruction.. Now go blame the food producers or those who really understand resources management which sustains local residents in their immediate environments.. Being destroyed by war mongering collectivist capitalists via one of their many tools of deception their controlled opposition environ-mentalism false flag paradigm…

    Imperial Decay

  • GoldDust

    Curious how skepticism and atheism seem to inhabit the same headspace;

    “Self education is, I firmly believe, the only kind of education there is.” Isaac Asimov

  • GoldDust

    Richer than Vatican: Catholic archdiocese in Cologne, Germany reveals

    What a lot of bunkum this news piece above really is. The Vatican’s true wealth has never ever been properly calculated for public knowledge and never will be. In gold wealth alone the Vatican has far in excess of the euro figure given for the Archdiocese of Cologne. Do not be fooled! The Vatican is the wealthiest corporation in the World and has its hands in so many pies. The Vatican alone owns at least 177 million acres of land so go and see what that is worth right now then add in all their treasures, ancient documents, cathedrals, and so forth. Believe me the Vatican is loaded.

  • GoldDust

    The corporation{Whore of Babylon} with the most gold makes the rules; The Vatican is the wealthiest corporation in the world and has it’s hands in everything financial in the world.

    {Forbes “Billionaires” are paper tigers being mind controlled by the richest corporation in the world where all of the lies originate via their many think tanks; They always protect Sweden during World Wars for obvious reasons; It’s amazing how many super wealthy families who’s wealth far exceeds those on this list are unknown by the average researchers and people who these paper tigers all bow down to. Like Aldobrandini, and Pallavincini, and Farnese, and Orsini for starters who are the original thinkers of this environmental madness pushed through their U.N.I.C.E.P. THINK TANK IN ROME. The head of the environmental snake. They love it when people only chase paper tigers tails.

    The World Billionaires

  • GoldDust

    The thought of these left and right political charlatans being demonically possessed seems to me a better description than psychopath, political psychopaths at large, demonized seems deeper and fuller.

  • GoldDust

    The elite operating their think tanks are responsible for the environmentalists false beliefs whereupon they demonize their intended targets which are ranchers, farmers, hunters, and anyone that does not believe in their silly environmental gloom and doom theories. Their coveting of the resources in the NRMs region leads to their dirty tactics. It’s amazing how these environmentalist dupes support their own destruction along with anyone they stand against in this vicious culture war of pseudo science, political terms and eventually bloody chaos.