January 16, 2018

Real or Not: Wolves, Coyotes and Foxes in Downtown Trenton Are Where They Ought to Be

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Packs of wild animals including wolves, coyotes and foxes are running around on city streets after dark and residents are raising concerns about their safety, according to a Trenton councilman.

Councilman George Muschal said he received reports from residents about the animals and saw a gray fox cross in front of his truck last Tuesday at the corner of Hudson and Broad Streets.

“If a child is out there or a dog in the yard it might be a problem,” said Muschal, speaking during a council meeting Thursday night.<<<Read More>>>

  • alrem

    Great concern for the residents of Trenton from the “council”. The council will spend 2.4 million to upgrade a park (where wolves can congregate?).

    I didn’t see where anyone was wondering what in the world, including Trenton, is going on. What the hell are wild dogs and foxes doing in Trenton?

    It must be there is NO HABITAT. The woods have no habitat so Trenton council members will enhance their Park as habitat. A good place to get funding for this is to keep stealing it from the P/R fund.

    More funding for parks’ restoration/upgrade for habitat. Where else can the animals go if their habitat has run out? What about the big ‘Park’ (landscapes) the animals just moved away from, what’s wrong with it? Is it like the other parks – full of crap from wild dogs?

    To be fare, I think the wolf dog has the council in mind for the future. The power of the wolf to bring the animals closer to man is balancing nature. To think an animal once on the verge of extinction has become god of the earth(dwellers).

    Now, Maine’s wild life depart meant the deer are going, going, gone. There should be a song: “Departed for Habitat”. Hell, I guess there is already.

    • TRemington

      The Council of Trentdogs