September 24, 2023

Slingshot Engineering – Not So Good Execution

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While some states, like Maine, are contemplating small game hunting seasons for slingshots, maybe this video could be a teaching moment. During debate in Maine over a slingshot season, one person wanted to know about the killing forces of slingshots. Nobody could answer all the questions, simply because nobody knew anything about the weapon…but were very quick to dispel the use as mostly nonsense.

Viewing this video should help to answer some questions about whether or not a slingshot is capable of killing an animal. As with any weapon, the effectiveness is controlled by the users ability, through practice, to wield the weapon as effectively as possible. In this video it shows the person firing the slingshot to demonstrate force of impact and yet didn’t consider what might happen if the steel ball he was shooting bounced back toward him.

It also shows the force of such a weapon, nearly killing the man, when the steel ball ricochets off the wall, returns and strikes him in the head. Imagine the force before the loss of energy hitting the wall.