December 4, 2022

Fear Molecular Septic Neutrons or The New Trophic Cascade

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Author identified as “Bubcat”:

I’ve come to an amazing revelation and discovery here that I really must share with all mankind. I was in the bathroom, (where I do most of my heavy thinking) taking a pee about a month ago (with the seat up like I’m supposed to) and I realized something pretty darned important. A mystery unraveled before my eyes in the steady stream traveling continuous from below my belt buckle into the water of the toilet. The molecules of sewer stuff out in the septic tank were waiting for me. They travel up the PVC sewer pipe, and enter into your intestines. I just know it! We are all, quite technically, becoming more and more fuller of crap each time we use the bathroom! We connect ourselves as one, from the brain right on down to the tank sludge, with our minds literally absorbing poop molecules as it waits to travel upstream like a spawning salmon. It’s a process I’m calling “Trophic Cascade”.

Thus enlightened, NEVER again should we pee in a toilet. If you can’t go outside, in a parking lot, or on the neighbor’s lawn, the best place to avoid getting septic neutrons entering your system, would be on the floor, in the fruit and vegetable section of a grocery store. I’ve done the math here; this is a pretty safe location as they tend to clean the floor there more than like say the coffee aisle or at the checkout.

It’s really unavoidable NOT to get molecular septic neutrons entering your body from a toilet when you stop, focus, and really, really, really, really think about it… a lot… for a long time. It’s in my thoughts when I wake up, all day, and even when I go to bed. I know I can’t get it out of MY mind, and having thought about it maybe a lot more than the rest of society, it’s probably best for all just to accept the superior enlightenment of MY thoughts, which, after stopping from peeing in toilets is undoubtedly much more pure than the rest of you still picking up septic neutrons in your intestines from peeing in toilets. (It eventually enters your brain you know) And, pinching it off intermittently doesn’t work, because I’ve tried that. These septic neutrons can “arc”. I’ve seen them do it when I watch, and watch, and watch real closely, in sort of a Zen Buddhist trancelike state of mind, which my doctor says is actually a mental disorder, but what would HE know having a brain packed with molecular septic neutrons. Right?

It’s now going to be my life’s mission to save all others from their fate of becoming full of crap, and move legislators to pass laws that require ALL mankind to STOP the ancestral process they have done for centuries, and piss away the rest of their lives in the fruit and vegetable section like I now do.

And now, you know the thought process, inner dynamics, and guiding principles of the Vegan agenda. The Animal Rights movement is omnivores gone mad with the idea that they’re herbivores, wanting everybody else to give up their birth right, and join them in the psychosis of pissing their lives away in the fruit and vegetable section.