February 6, 2023

Connecticut: Coyotes Attacks Three Dogs

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“Everyone knows that small pets can be at risk for coyote attacks. But, CBS New York reports that a coyote attacked three large dogs, in addition to one small dog, in Stamford, Conn., last week. Luckily, all of the dogs escaped with minor cuts and scratches.

This is very odd, because three of the dogs — a shepherd mix, a golden retriever and a German short-haired pointer – are all obviously much larger than this coyote,” said Stamford police Capt. Richard Conklin.

Police said coyote attacks have increased this winter because of the extremely harsh weather conditions. In fact, coyotes have been found living under people’s decks.(emboldening added)<<<Read More>>>

Many of us have been preaching for years that under the right circumstances predator attacks on humans and other large “prey” is not all the odd.