December 11, 2023

Active Shooter Video

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By James Beers:

This video below is worth watching to prepare you for something we hear about but don’t really know what we would do when caught in such incidents.

There is one problem I have with it however. Since it was created by the Los Angeles (CALIFORNIA) Sheriff’s Department and several federal agencies, my misgiving is no surprise.

In every incident depicted or staged, if the shooter encountered an armed citizen (off-duty or retired law enforcement officer or an armed security officer or an armed Concealed Carry Permit holder) the likelihood of the incident going no further and saving the life of every potential victim (including that of the armed citizen) that would have been encountered after the shooter was either disabled of killed is both common sense and worthy of mention. However, given the anti-gun PHILOSOPHY of the Los Angeles politicians; the California government, and especially the current federal government politicians and their appointees: this very important and sensible aspect of the SOLUTION to many such incidents is ignored No matter how you feel about guns, what I just said is true.

It is not simply political correctness or concern for children driving this sort of government dereliction of duty. It is federal and (some) State governments driven to defy a Constitutional Amendment (the 2nd Amendment) and deny citizens the only (fire extinguishers included) option of saving their own life and the life of others in such incidents. Why? For 1) financial support and votes from citizens with minimal or no familiarity with guns; 2) financial and political support from disengaged citizen’s propagandized by anti-gun rhetoric and propaganda; and 3) primarily from central government-growth supporters that understand every bit as much as the Founding Fathers that composed and ratified the 2nd Amendment that (per Thomas Jefferson) “The beauty of the Second Amendment is that it will not be needed until they try to take it” and (per Ben Franklin) “They that can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety deserve neither liberty nor safety”.

Jim Beers
22 March 2015

The link below is to a youtube video by LA Sheriffs Dept. It isabout 9 minutes, and is a worthwhile investment of the time.Most of us are beyond the time of responding to these things, but ifwe ever leave home to shop, partonize a restaurant, take a class, werun a risk, slight but existent, to getting into one of these. Thevideo shows steps and concepts to enhance your chance of survival.

Its well done as to the video work. It came with a warning of “graphic”, but if you ever watch Justified or Breaking Bad or Band of Brothers, you have seen worse on TV. Many of us have seen worse in person… anyway, watch it and share it. Its on youtube and is a
public accessible video.