December 11, 2023

Will Maine Face Another Baiting Ban?

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Maine’s Warden Service is attempting to find out who is setting out bait sites – buckets filled with human waste – in locations around Farmington and Wilton.

A rumor has been circulating throughout Cyber Space that a group of staunch conservatives plan on launching a referendum vote to ban the practice of baiting for liberals. A spokesman for one group, who wished to remain anonymous, said the practice was inhumane and that, “It is a despicable practice that requires the liberals to remove the tightly sealed lids to get at the bait. Because liberals have no thumbs or seriously deformed thumbs, getting the lid off is next to impossible. We have discovered liberals are starving.”

Another spokeswoman, also wishing to remain clueless anonymous, said that, “…the use of bait to attract liberals eliminates all forms of fair chase and is inhumane. That makes some of us feel bad. If this practice is not stopped immediately the conservative affiliates will act unilaterally and commence stealth drone attacks against the democratic headquarters.”

When asked why they would attack the headquarters of the liberals they appear to be wanting to protect, the clearly irate spokeswoman declared, “We are trying to educate the liberals. They want to stop violence by banning guns, we think we can stop liberal baiting by getting rid of liberals.”