January 27, 2023

Public Dangers on Public Wild Lands

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Private wildlands are governed by laws that are well-established. You need permission to be there if you are not the landowner. In contrast, As long as you move every two weeks, you can legally live in National Forests. All you need is a P.O. Box, a cell phone, some shelter and an $80 a year interagency pass to legally live on federal lands. http://www.fs.fed.us/passespermits/annual.shtml

Some studies by the University of Oregon have found that thousands of people are living in National Forests in that state, some just to save money, others to get away from the world. (link) No one knows just how many people are doing this nation-wide, but there are several Internet websites designed to help homeless folks who survive in the wilds, (link) and even a Wikihow Internet page with suggestions on how to survive life in the wilds.http://www.wikihow.com/Live-in-the-Woods

Source: Public Dangers on Public Wild Lands : The Outdoor Wire